Education is preparation for life and learning is a never ending phenomenon. In education lie the seeds of knowledge. We as educators, equipped with tools and knowledge, inspire and encourage the students to discover the new ideas and concepts. We do not believe that our school is just a centre of curriculum delivery but we lay stress on curriculum creation and excellence in the best interest of the pupil.

Every child is a precious jewel in our school and we try to nurture and groom them into active, responsible , productive and caring members of the society.

Our teachers therefore follow the above dictum. They just don`t teach but are mentors, advisors, role models and leave no stone unturned for shaping great human beings.

We are constantly trying to tap the term endous amount of energy and talent inherent in every child by providing them an enriching and stimulating environment with a sole objective of sending out loving, courteous and ethical future citizens of  the country. Summing up I would like to say that it is only education which has the power to eradicate all evil from society. Therefore the  education we impart here is not only a certificate or degree but training for life as the path chooses to walk will bring bliss as long as it is based on good action.

I will end, I earnestly pray to the almighty God for His blessings to enable us to move on a steady path of progress and also bless this institution and all associated with it.

Ms. Pushpinder Kaur (Principal)