It is very important to dream. It is equally, and perhaps more important, to work hard to make that dream real. Somebody rightly said, a dream without the action to back it is nothing more than a delusion. I urge students to dream but I also exhort them to work hard to crystallize those dreams

We dream of NPS to become the cradle where dream become true. And l assure you that the management, Staff, Teachers are all working hard to make that happen. Thankfully, we live in a world where hard work and passion do get rewarded. In a world, where if you are sincere to your goal and dreams and if you work hard enough, you will reach your destination. As I look back over the fears, I remembers God`s Providence. His blessings have bestowed upon us with gifted students skilled staff who are enabling the Narainians to attain a new height year after year with their new achievements.