Our president

S. Avtar Singh Arora

This dynamic, sublime, authentic and rational personality is S. Avtar Singh Arora who has mesmerized the city with his landmarks. His magnetic charm & vibrant personality is reflected by his work. He is an epitome of true Punjabi spirit due to his witty, daring nature and undeterred will to conquer obstacles. For him education is not a profession but a mission in a true sense. At N.P.S. he has ensured the parents that the future of our country is in safe hands. He believes that the students of a country can mar or make its future. Both the schools are equipped with latest gadgets and technologies so as to channelize and utilize the energy of the children in a right direction with gearing up the tempo of modern life.

N.P.S. has opened new vistas for the students. He also has Narain Hospital and Hotel Narain Continental to his credit. He has attained this high pedestal due to his perseverance. Inspite of being successful he is down to earth. His ideologies are inspiring and praiseworthy. He believes in a life of action not contemplation. "Noble thoughts are of no use if they are not transformed into golden deeds". He has imparted these values to his offsprings. He is a perfect amalgamation of missionary zeal and rational outlook. Work for him is real worship. Almighty has bestowed him with instinctive strength to overpower the odds of his life and move ahead.

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